Korean Option

I have read that Korean was to be added to lingq in the beginning of June. I have signed up and cannot seem to find or figure out how to choose Korean to study. Am I doing something wrong or is Korean not an option yet. Thank you.

We have not yet set up the Korean section but hope to get at it this coming week. We have been focusing on some other issues related to the site. No promises, but I think it should be soon.

Ahhhh…Thank you for the response. I thought I felt very stupid not being able to choose Korean as an language to study. I hope you’re able to work though the issues and add it as a choice as soon as possible. Thank you for the quick response!

I was glad to see I wasn’t the only one wondering where Korean was. I’ve been waiting since the end of the vote on June 1st and considering the huge lead korean had thought (well hoped I should say) korean would be added after a short period of time. Thanks for choosing korean as the next language and hope to see it on lingq …well soon I hope : )

Yeah, I can’t wait for Korean. I know many people who are waiting for this language to come on LingQ.

I was getting ready to post a question in the forum on where the winner of the contest was in the choice list but saw this thread. I hope korean can be added this week before other site problems take the focus away from adding a new language.

can’t be much longer now. . . only been two weeks.

The site problems seem to have quieted down from my reading of the forum tonight and hopefully Mark has had a chance to work on adding Korean without getting bothered today!

We have a somewhat major update coming in the next few days, hopefully, including more changes meant to speed up the site and some other wrinkles. Right after that update we will be adding Korean. It is the next thing on our list.

Been playing with the site while waiting for Korean to be added. Like it very much and can’t wait for Korean to be added. Thanks for letting us know what’s the status is there Mark! Hope it’s not too much longer.

Yes I cant wait for korean! Hopefully really soon!!!

I logged in this weekend with the hope to see korean added. : ( I hope it’s not much longer…

We here at lingq have decided to not add Korean, due to their cheating and fielding two teams in the World Cup.

How easy is it to learn Korean to a person that knows Japanese and vice versa?

Yes hopefully soon. jjmountain’s been putting together alot of korean resources and needs a spot to put it.