Korean Launched!

We were going to wait until Monday but couldn’t wait in the end and decided to launch Korean today. We know all you Korean fans have been itching to get at it so here you go. Keep in mind that it is in its infancy so will have no content initially and, of course, no user hints. We will be relying on our members to start sharing lessons and creating hints as you LingQ. Let’s see how quickly we can get Korean up to speed!

We look forward to your feedback. Enjoy!

Awesome … Looking forward to see content

I’m so happy to have this section! I’d really like to provide some content, but the only things I could find are copyrighted. How about song lyrics? Are they copyrighted?

Nevermind, it appears they are.

Since Korean is finally on lingq…which one is next Mark? I’m just curious.

Ill be uploading 2 songs that I got permission to upload in Korean tomorrow. The problem is there is a lot of material I have that is copywrited so unable to post. Give us a few days and we will start populating the library with all sorts of goodies.

@Nick910 - We don’t know. We’ll see how things go with Korean and then decide. We certainly don’t want to announce anything otherwise we’ll get a lot of people harassing us until we put it up… :slight_smile:

I got sick of people crying and harassing about korean too and will probably never learn it, but I’m happy to finally see it here… a lot of people wanted it and now it’s here… It’s the first new language added since I’ve been a member so it’s been a good couple years

the problem is A lot of the content currently available is only available through books and websites like Korean podcast. I will have to send Korean podcast a message to see if I can upload anything from there site, but I doubt it. there are a couple people working on it they just might not know that the slot is finally here. Ill shoot em a message as well.

Thank you, Mark. Congratulation.

Thank you for finally making Korean available on LingQ!!!

I’ve noticed two small mistakes in “Who is She” Part 1:

  1. 저는 김은정라고 합니다. —> 저는 김은정이라고 합니다.

  2. 걔 이름은 이지혜요. —> 걔 이름은 이지혜이예요.

In a formal situation, we wouldn’t use “걔”. It’s better to say “이 분은” unless 이지혜 is a close friend of the speaker.

I notice a hint of an accent on the recording…Was it recorded by a non-native?

In whatever language we have at LingQ there are often differences of opinion amongst native speakers about what constitutes correct or appropriate language usage.

All members are welcome to contribute content in their native language. If there are corrections or differences we leave it to native speakers to sort these things out.

Any member can get a “pencil” and become and editor. However, we should not make changes or corrections without giving the author a chance to comment.

So, Ian, do you want a pencil? If so we will set you up, but I would wait to hear from James before making any changes. Obviously if we can improve our content we are happy. I cannot say who recorded this episode, but I gather that James is going to ask a Korean girl friend to take part in the recording.

We really want to build up our Korean library. I appreciate James’ efforts on our behalf and welcome others to also help out.

Hi all, I’m new to LingQ, but it’s good to see Korean up at LingQ…and cool to see so many other people who enjoy studying this language as well. Looking forward to reading and sharing with everyone about our progress…