Korean-English Dictionary for Android Phones?

Anyone know of a good Korean-English dictionary app for android phones? I don’t care if it isn’t free, I just want something decent. I know I could use Naver online, but I’d rather not rack up that much data time. Thanks for any advice.

If you’re looking for a quality dictionary, I can confidently recommend “YBM 올인올 영한영 사전”.

Does it go “both ways” (Korean-English, English-Korean)? Is it found in the Android Marketplace? (I confess, I’m a newbie to Android phones; I’m buying one this weekend—Samsung Infuse. I’m also planning to run Anki on it because I really need to work on my Korean vocab.) Thanks for replying. Any advice about Korean apps for Android is greatly appreciated.

The app does go both ways (영한영 - English-Korean-English). Unfortunately, it appears it’s not in the Android Market and it looks quite complicated to actually install it, since you can apparently only get it from a Korean telecom corporation’s website.

Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with Korean apps on Android devices, but maybe someone else has more experience. You can try asking on some other forums as well, and I’m sure doing a Google search for good Korean apps on Android would give some good results. Good luck to you!