Korean audiobooks?

Have you had success importing these? The transcript imports for me, but not the audio.

The first three Harry Potter books are now available as audio books on Storytel. Unfortunately it’s region locked so you might have to use a vpn to bypass that restriction.

Do you know if there is an E-Book version available that matches the text of this Audiobook? In the past this has been part of my big frustration. Even when I could track down an audiobook, finding the matching text was a major challenge.

If you have the audio, you might be possibly use Happy Scribe get the text from it. The audio has to be clear with little background noise though… I first learned of it from Steve in one of his videos and I used it and it worked ok. It could be expensive depending on the length though…

I was able to find the text on Ridibooks, though you would have to use their reader app. I don’t think you can import books from Ridibooks into Lingq.

I recently downloaded the app 윌라 and am so happy that I did. It’s beyond what I was expecting. Novels are read with different voice actors for various characters and a separate voice actor for the omnipresent narrator.

I seriously didn’t know that audiobooks offered this level of quality. I never listen to fiction in my native language, English, so I don’t know if American audiobooks also do the same.

It varies. Sometimes you have different voice actors, sometimes the voice actor will play all the different characters voices.

Many are quite good. However, sometimes what you’ve read before and imagined in your mind or if you’ve seen a series/movie before listening to the audiobook, the interpretations can be quite a bit different.

Does anyone know how to import Korean music? I’m still new, have been through quite a few stories and TTMIK stories as well but am still finding it difficult. Am trying to stay motivated and thought music would help. However, even whilst watching the import video for music I still struggle to import the music and have it make sense.

Librivox has a small Korean section.

Also youtube has channels where people read books, 책읽이 would be a search keyword. Youtube is likely well set up with voice activated stuff, there would be something for him outside of audiobooks

Thank you for sharing this tip! Do you have a method for using 윌라 alongside LingQ? Ie, importing matching text and/or audio?

Wouldn’t that be great? Impossible probably, unless major legal developments allowed LingQ users access to 윌라 audio productions.
I’ve been listening to 윌라 while reading matching e-books on 리디, 밀리, or Google Play Books.

Right now I’m listening to 나의 눈부신 친구. It seems that only 밀리 offers the ebook. I wish we had more choices on where and how to get access.

Does anyone have familiarity with Korean mysteries, crime novels, detective stories? I’d appreciate some recommendations (or warnings to stay away from some books for whatever reason). Audiobooks would be best, but I’m also interested in ebooks.

I’m currently reading Michael Connelly translated into Korean (and that could keep me busy for a decade or more!). I’m also reading YA fiction, i.e. books with strong storylines, narratives that push people along. ‘The Midnight Library’ is great since it feels like young adult fiction even though it’s not.

I’d love to hear what you all are listening to these days, what you are reading to advance your intermediate Korean.

Korean has some wonderful mystery/horror stories as well as young adult fiction too. I have read 잘 자요 엄마 and 종의 기원. This has taken me quite some time, because the number of unknown words in these books was quite high. Both of these are thrillers.

If you like horror too, I recommend 고시원 기담, 귀신 들린 빌라 and 그날 밤 내가 죽인 소녀. (the last one is adapted from a webtoon and I absolutely loved it.)

I have also read 도가니 because I loved the movie so much (despite the sickening, heart-wrenching story) that I wanted to read the novel on which it is based.

Right now, I am reading 어느 날 내가 죽었습니다. This is supposed to be young adult fiction, but it’s definitely giving me a hard time. Korean is difficult. LOL.

Hope this helps,

I like crime/detective novels. I’m reading Agatha Christie right now.
I bookmarked this blog with detective novel recommendations

once I finish with the Agatha Christie I want to try reading some of them.

As a lover of audiobooks, I am also trying to download some audiobooks from iTunes to my MP3 device recently. But it seems to have been unsuccessful, until someone recommended me to use TuneSolo Apple Music Converter recently, I converted audiobooks in AAC format to MP3, now I can browse in my MP3 at any time, it is really convenient.

Check popular audiobook platforms like Audible, Google Play Audiobooks, and Apple Books. They might have Korean audiobook versions of various books, including translated versions of well-known works. Some libraries offer audiobooks for borrowing, and they might have a collection of Korean audiobooks. You can inquire at your local library or look into digital libraries that provide access to audiobooks. Explore online bookstores that cater to Korean readers, such as Yes24, Kyobo Bookstore, or Aladdin. They may offer audiobook versions of Korean literature or translated works.