Known Words

Do you guys select words of cities as known words? I’ve read a lot of cities, but I think that it is not fair to mark theses words as known words, even though I mark some famous cities .

I mark lots of nonsense words, such as names or words from other languages, as known simply because it is easier than ignoring those words. It also gives me a larger number of known words, which makes me feel good! :smiley:

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@Colin, May be I should try it too just for the experience of " feeling good ". Good sense of humor mate*

I don’t see why marking as known is easier than ignore. I use keyboard to do that, and there is no difference between known or ignore I think… Larger numbers of known words? Who cares? :wink: Maybe should I try do it this way too? :smiley:

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I use the mouse so I just click on words that I want to make into LingQs and then hit the all known button at the end. That is why it is easier for me to mark names as known words.

@wiktor - Known words allow you to measure your progress and controls the size of your avatar. We feel your vocabulary is the best indicator of your ability in your new language and obviously Known Words reflects this number. I’m not sure why you would deliberately not want to track this number. Also, as CPJ points out, you can move words to known all at once with the “move all to known” button.

Even if you assume that 10 of the words in your “known words” number are names or junk words, it really does not change much. The “known words” number is just an indicator of progress. There is no competition here.

I must say that I “X” all non-words to ignore them since I prefer my “known words” number to be clean. But that is just personal preference. These are our own numbers and we keep them however we like, in my view.

as @steve said, few junk words in a large group of real known words does not have significant impact on whole counter. In Polish language for example you have to use polish spelling of foreign cities names. So an answer depends on what language do you study.

@ mark, it was a kind of joke about known words. I does not mean i really not care about it. “controls the size of your avatar” it is more a “gamification” element than progress control in my personal opinion. I guess it is part of business model. It motivates members to spend more time here to became “larger”, more powerful and buy subscription to do it in effective way :slight_smile: From my point of view “known words” counter it is additional part of whole system. I like to know how many words i know, but it is not my goal to develop an avatar.

I consider my known word counter to be like the counter that tells me how many coins I have collected when i play Super Mario. The more the better.