Known words on profiles

Is it just me or does anyone miss the number of known words in his own beloved languages on the left side of his profile?

It happens with other people’s profiles too

I’m using FF 3.6.3 on windows xp Sp3

I see that. Very strange. We’ll get it fixed.

@ MissTake - You mean your wall comments are shown in bold? Not for me.

I would like also to repeat my words, but I received by clicking: “Нет линков для просмотра”(=no Lingqs for observation).
Very strange because as a list I have them but not as flashcards.

I don’t understand what you mean Evgueny. What flashcards are you trying to see?

I can not find the flashcards to the daily vocabulary letter that Linkqsupport sends me (50 words a day). The letters I have, but by opening instead of flashcards that strange phrase appears: Нет линков для просмотра.
Bt the way it would be more useful to have general instruction phrases in English and maybe only in the bracket in the native language of the student. Otherwise it is sometimes not clear what it means. A possible translation: " No linkqs for observation"

@ MissTake - That was a problem in the French translation file. Some missing html code. We have fixed it now.

I too am having a problem with my known words count on the left hand side of my profile. I am using Safari 4.0.5. I just get: Spanish: () German: ()…odd.

I seem to have the same problem as Evgueny: today’s email link (240610) does not bring up any flashcards, but only the url ending in “learn/sv/vocabulary/flashcards/?lingQ” and an empty screen with 'No LingQs to display". I’m using FF.

Ooops, I have also lost my known words in the left column, there are only empty brackets for each language. The badge is still showing a total figure.

Hi Mark, I cannot see the number of known words too. It seems that in the German translation file is the same problem as it was in the French translation file. Please, can you fix it?

There seems to be a problem here as a number of people have reported. I am sure our programmer will get to it soon.

We have achieved a considerable improvement in site speed and navigation. There are some bugs that have crept in, and some suggestions about features that could make things even better. These are all being worked on. Rest assured that your beloved known words number will be restored in due course along with the other fixes that our programmers are working on.

The site speed is really much better now, for me it is an essential improvement - you simply can do more by lack of time.