Known words jump way up in just one day, new to lingQ

Was checking format for a book I imported by skipping through lesson, not sure if that’s what did it, but my known words went from 168 I believe to 666, I’ve just recently started learning and even more recently started using lingQ. Still trying to get used to it, any help on fixing and going back to my accurate know words?

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When you turn the page, the system assumes you know all remaining blue words and they are moved to known. It’s not a big deal. You can just click on these words as you read them and create LingQs for them instead which will automatically remove them from your known words at the same time. Or, if you want, you can reset that language but this will delete all your content too. I recommend the first approach.

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It was a middle chapter of a book I imported, might go through that section early just to get rid of the known words, thanks for the help. Didnt even know you could reset a language and still dont know how know words work on the platform, still learning how to use it properly and effectively with other resources. SRS system on lingq doesnt seem that great thought not gonna lie. Thanks again for the reply

Realised the non highlighted words (neither blue or orange) were the known words, I see what you mean, every time I set a linq for them, know word count drops. Kind of annoying seeing know words go down as I read lol