Known words count

I have a problem, I think, with my known word count. With the latest assignments, my saved lingQs weren’t rested from my known words.
Exemple: this morning I read an assignment which said containing 86 unknown words for me. I saved 18 lingQs. After updating, I had added 86 words to my known words. I think that should be 68 words.

Do more people have the same problem, or is it something normal…

We believe this is a bug. We will fix the problem as soon as possible.

Thank you for letting us know.

Truus, this problem has now been fixed. There was an error in our Known Words calculation. Thanks for lettings us know.

it seems my word counts is not working properly yet. This afternoon, when I saved an item, it showed me about 7200 known words. Then I went to overview page and changed the time interval to “all time”, and it showed me about 7800 known words.

The “time settings” may be the reason why the numbers vary.

As an example, my known words estimate for German is 5425 (All time/last year/six months) but only 2306 for the last three months (and 52 for the last seven days…).

Hi Ana,

We are aware of this and will fix it shortly. The “All time” Known Words number that displays in the Progress Widget is not calculated the same way as the number on the My Goal page. The correct number is the number that displays when you Update texts and on the My Goal page.