Known Words Count

According to my statistics, I’ve learned 10650 new words in German and 11807 new words in English during the last week! The truth is that I needed over 6 months to do it :slight_smile: Is it only a temporary problem with my statistics and it will sort itself out eventually, or it just needs to stay this way and I should ignore it? Thanks in advance.

Same here. Gosh, I’ve had a productive week. Must be why I’m so tired :wink:

ме тоо!

¡Es el mismo para mi en todos los idiomas!

Just wanted an excuse to write some Spanish, but yeah, I have the same problem.

Guess that I have been the hard-working member: more than 28000 new words in English. Easy without efforts :wink:

I did nearly nothing at daytime last week.
So many new words — during my dreams at night?

Oh no! My PC is learning Russian behind my back!

Oh no! I hope they can track back the statistic.

Benny might have hacked LingQ with his technique.

Yes, there’s a bit of a glitch here. We are working to restore the previous stats properly. Sorry about that. You all weren’t working that hard…

In case you haven’t yet noticed, all Known Words related issues should now be resolved. We were just making sure you were paying attention… :slight_smile:

Thank you Mark. I’ve noticed it but forgot to come back to this thread.

I recognize that you solve problems faster than earlier (2 years ago). That’s great.

Thanks Mark! Now I can see that I don’t meet my long term goals and that’s motivating! :slight_smile:

By the way, what’s happened to the weekly reports? I haven’t got any for 2-3 months… Were they abandoned? For me it’s not a big issue, as I use LingQ everyday anyway, just wanted to ask.

@customic - The weekly reports should still be going out. However, it looks like there may have been a problem this past Saturday. We are checking into it. In the meantime, are you sure nothing has changed on your email settings?

Good job, everybody!

@mark - Yes, I’m sure. I get LingQs of the day for all my languages, notifications about new posts in watched threads, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t got any weekly report for a few weeks, if not months. And I don’t use a spam folder either, so I couldn’t just miss them.

@customic - But, do you actually have the weekly report for your target language selected in your email settings?

Mark, sometimes I receive a weekly report, sometimes I do not. On average, I get a weekly report twice a month.

@Mark - I wouldn’t be writing to you if I had these boxes “un-checked”, believe me :slight_smile: I have two languages “checked” there.

@customic - I assumed so but have to check :-). We are looking into it. This is a huge volume of emails that goes out each week so it may take a little time to sort things out. It sounds like Yvette also has this problem.