Known words and lingqs learned

Hi, I was looking at my progress snapshot for today, and although it shows I learned 37 LingQs today, it also shows I only added 9 known words to my total count.
I became confused… How this can happen?

Learned words are counted as Known Words. This could be what happened. You may have learned 9 words. Or you updated a lesson and added 9 words to your Known Words total.

I think one of us misunderstood this…
I have learned 37 words, so I supposed I would have added “at least” 37 words as known words. But I had added only 9… Not the contrary! This is what seemed odd to me.

Whoops! That’s my fault. I will look into this.

I can’t replicate that problem, Ana. Has this happened to you before? All words that I learn or move to Status 4 show up in both my Learned LingQs and Known Words numbers.

You could have removed some Known words by adjusting their status manually or by saving words you had previously indicated as Known.

yes. This could be the problem. I indeed use to “downgrade” words quite often, when I make a LingQ and find out that I already had that work “lingqed”.
Thanks, Mark.