Known Words and Capitilizations

I’ve just started to notice that the LingQ system seems to count capitalized words as separate. For example, if I learned, “hola” then learning “Hola” would be counted as learning a new word. I think this would be a quite a problem, as the number of known words would be very inaccurate. Am I wrong?



I don’t think this is the case. If I have previously saved a word non-capitalized it is then highlighted whether it is capitalized or not everywhere else and brings up the same LingQ card. The word on the LingQ may be capitalized since it was when you saved it but you can’t create a new LingQ with the uncapitalized form.

I agree with Mark - in my Vocabulary is capitalized and non-capitalized the same, no different!

You are absolutely correct. My apologies. I don’t quite know where I got misguided, but I see that it is certainly NOT a problem.

Sorry for the fuss!