Known LingQs vs LingQs

I have problems with my Japanese LingQs. In my profile shows that a I have learned 16 words, it’s beacuse at the first time I was so confused with this japanese caracters and I have deleted the lingqs but they still how known words, and if it’s possible, I don’t want this 16 known words. Is it possible reset then to 0?


You can’t reset to 0 but it’s really not a big deal. Find those words again and LingQ them and they will be removed from your Known Words. Whether you find them now or the next time you come across them really doesn’t matter. If your Known Words count is slightly off, it really doesn’t matter much.

Find those japanese words, ohhh is impossible to me. But thanks.

If you only have learned 16 words, you can’t have studied that many lessons, so you should be able to locate the few texts and just re-click on each non-highlighted/non-underlined word. As simple as that.

Ok, thank you.