Known Issues November 21

Here is a list of issues that we are aware of and working on. I will update this thread as we fix them.

  • Conversation reports can’t be imported.
  • New Words numbers on Course page do display properly
  • Pager is missing in the Speak section
  • Links to last post on Forum home page not working

Sorry…New Words numbers do NOT display…


  • previously archived lessons are not appearing now in the archived list
  • highlighted words can’t be clicked on in Firefox
  • picture cropper is broken
  • no delete function on Self-Directed Course page

Conversation reports can now be updated.
Links to the last post in the forum are working.
All previously archived lessons now show up as archived in the new system.
Highlighted words can be clicked in Firefox.

I’m sorry to bother you, but I cannot find the speak section. I have been talking on one-on-one basis with Allison for my coming English interview test next Sunday. I don’t have enough time to enjoy exploring this newly established sight right now. I just want to sign up the conversation with Allison. I clicked “attach conversation”, but every time I click there, my pc freeze and reach nowhere. Is " attach conversation" is the right place for speaking section?


Mark may have gone to bed but if you go to Courses/Speak you should b e ab le to sign up for any already scheduled discussions. I am traveling and not fully up to date on new version but let me know if that works. I am Sweden, Stockholm airport waiting to get on a plane to return to Canada.

Attach conversation should cause a popup to open with a link in it to sign up for a conversation in the Speak section if you don’t have already scheduled conversations. Otherwise, you should also see “Speak” in the submenu under Courses. If neither of these things are working it could be a browser issue. Which browser are you using?

Steve and Mark,

Thank you for replying so quickly. My browser is Internet Explorer. There is no submenu under Courses, either. I would like to know how other members" Internet Explorer are working. Thanks anyway.