Known Issues For the Current Update

Here are known issues that we are dealing with over the next few days. For more information on the changes to the site visit the LingQCentral blog here:

  • the flash audio player on the Lesson page and in the lesson previews wasn’t working. Therefore, we have set up the player to download the audio file for now. You can play the file on your default media player. We are hopeful that the flash player will be working properly tomorrow.
  • some of you are not seeing the popups on the Lesson page. It does not seem to be a browser issue but instead is related to individual accounts. This should be resolved tomorrow.
  • some words with apostrophes and phrases are not selecting properly and/or are not shown properly in the popup or widget. There is an issue with the phrase selection mechanism. You are supposed to be able to highlight whatever phrase you want and then hovering on the highlighting should open the blue popup for it. This should be functioning tomorrow or by Sunday at the latest.
  • some of you are experiencing problems with the Known and I Know All buttons. These problems should be fixed tomorrow.
  • Tutors from all languages are displayed in the Conversations List. This list should only show tutors for the language you are studying. This should be fixed tomorrow.

for Japanese study:

-the pre-highlighting/underlining doesn’t seem to conform to the intended use according to the update notes on Lingq Central
-when you highlight a phrase it remains blue even if you highlighted it by mistake, when you try to highlight part of a phrase that you have previously highlighted in error you get the “internal error” message, when you click “ok” on that message the screen hangs

and you need to close the window and start again from scratch

there are also layout problems in FF 3.0.12 on the lessons page

and on the layout of an individual lesson

I can’t put the whole phrase into clipboard. If I select phrase - it becomes blue and there is no function like"copy"

I tried to sign up for a 1 on 1 conversation with a tutor and I was unable to; instead a window popped up that said “Server Error”

I still can’t ADD WORDS OF READING manually (in French, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Italian). It’s not important, but would be nice to have back. Thank you

“I still can’t ADD WORDS OF READING manually”

this is bugging me too. I may have to create a dummy lesson of 10 000 words so I can keep clicking the read button and update my reading figure that way!


Unfortunately, all tutors from all languages are being displayed in the conversations list still. We are working on this but, in the meantime if you try to sign up with a tutor who tutors another language, you will get an error. If you try a tutor who tutors your language it should work fine. You can look at the list of tutors on the Settings page if you’re unsure about who is a tutor in your language.

We are also working on the manual addition of statistics.

I just found a strange bug (I found it on the French version in Google Chrome). If you click and start highlighting at the beginning of “Back to Lessons” at the top of the page before the actual content, and go over the line break and finish your highlight in the actual lesson content, then the entire lesson text disappears and fragments of it appear on the bottom of the page.

We have removed status 4 (Known) words from the My LingQs list on the Lesson page. Status 4 words will still be in your list when you click through to it in the Vocabulary section. We have also removed status 4 words from the Top 25 list.

We have managed to fix all issues on the Speak page. The 1 on 1 times are only showing in the correct languages, confirmed 1 on 1’s are no longer appearing in the list and you can now sign up for 30 minute or more conversations. Let us know if there are any issues. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Looks like LingQ don’t count learned lingqs while I’m working with Opera

I can’t add anymore learned lingqs. It worked for my first twenty-three learned lingqs, but now I can’t add anymore learned lingqs.

Other than that, I haven’t had any problems.

The Learned LingQs and Known Words counters seem to be acting a bit funny. I don’t think it is browser related and it seems to be somewhat random. We are looking into it. Thanks for letting us know.