Known button

How do I indicate that I know a word? I have tried high-lighting and then clicking on the “Known” button, and I have tried to drag and drop. Neither works.

press the letter ‘k’

@kdammers - Are you clicking on the I know this word button in the dashboard pane? When you click on a blue word, the information related to that word appears in the dashboard at right.

I don’t see a dashboard with “I know this word.” Where is the dashboard?

Hi kdammers and welcome to LinqQ! Did you try to look at this video? Introduction to LingQ 2.0 ( - YouTube

Like one of the comments already made by some-one else at the Youtube video: I don’t see what the video shows.

@kdammers - Which browser and operating system are you using? That seems quite strange. Have you tried refreshing the page a few times? Do you have any kind of browser addons that may be interfering or disabling with javascript? Any more information you can give us will help us figure out what is happening to you.

I am using Windows 7 ( I think it’s 7) and Mozilla (latest regular version). I have refreshed, re-started etc. As far as I know, I have no add-ons that interfere with Javascript.

@kdammers - How is the speed of your internet connection?

@kdammers - Based on the screenshots that you’ve sent over to support, everything looks like it should from what I’ve been able to see.

Please follow these steps and let us know if it works:

(1) click on a blue word
(2) look at the dashboard on the right – it should display the same word
(3) click the “I know this word button”

Once you click this button, the blue highlight should disappear from the word. Does something different happen when you try this?

It seems to be working now in one lesson, but in another (My Lessons > LingQ 101 - Getting Started > 1) 안녕하세요. 잘 지내시나요? ) , the follow-up screen doesn’t come on when I clicked on a blue word, so I never see “I know this word” button.

Also, if I click on the short-cut key (k) absolutely nothing happens in this lesson.

But, the audio does work for the lesson.

@kdammers - Would you be able to take a screenshot of this issue where you are clicking on a lesson and the dashboard doesn’t change? If it works in one lesson it’s strange that it wouldn’t work in another lesson. Also, you may want to try another browser such as Chrome to see if that helps.