Knowledge status for every meaning of a word


I would like to be able to set level of knowledge for every meaning of a word. For example, I have words that have many meanings, five or more, and it is getting chaotic. I know some meanings of the word and do not know others. Having just one scale for all meanings means the scale does not bear any valuable information.

Thank you for considering it, JS.


I absolutely agree with OP. I am learning Korean and I often come across words with multiple meanings which I remember to various degrees. This would be a very useful addition to be able to update the status for every definition separately as opposed to the current “one size fits all” approach.

Don’t you think it would become a visual clutter when you come across, say, a word with 10+ meanings such as “pitch” in English? Isn’t it simpler to just visually mark a word untill one day you realize you don’t need it anymore or mark it back if needed?

Known status is all about highlighting, it would require kind of “AI semantic analysis” of a piece of text (for platform to figure out what meaning is there and whether the UI should or shouldn’t highlight a particular word) that LingQ cannot provide technically. Not just LingQ, I’m afraid that nobody can handle this amount of entropy :).


One possible compromise could be to add checkmark to each meaning (true or false, know - do not know) that is functionally independent of the overall knowledge status scale. You could check particular meanings as known and the overall knowledge status scale would just refer to all those yet unknown meanings. One could at least narrow the set of meanings that relate to the overall knowledge status scale.

What I do now is this. I add /k/ to the meaning so I know the scale refers to all other meanings



Got it. It could be possible I guess. I’d suggest even more simple way to get rid of the distraction of already known meanings that is just an option to gray them out and to sort last.


Great idea, This looks great. JS

Of course, if it could be done in any form, coloring or checkmark, even in the right panel when in the reader, that would be great.


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Now let’s hope the team will look into it. Usually, it takes quite a long time.


Not in our plans at the moment, but I’ll add this request to a wish list and we’ll see if that’s something we can look into in the future.