Kindles or iPads?

Take a look at this. Amazon: Beautiful Women Love Kindles, Dumb Guys Like iPads Amazon: Beautiful Women Love Kindles, Dumb Guys Like iPads

Funny! Except for the part she says " I actually paid more for these sunglasses" I would say most “smart” people wouldn’t pay that much for sunglasses!

$139 is a very competitive prize for a Kindle. At the beginning, I liked more Ipad, but in my view if you used it mostly for reading, Kindle would be more interesting.

I think they’re different machines for different purposes, shown mostly in the price difference. If you just want to read then buy a kindle… if you have the money and want the other stuff then buy the ipad… I think I’ll wait a couple years before I buy something like the ipad, for now I’m just waiting for my Kindle to come on backorder

I enjoy my iPad but it is not too good for reading in the sun.

Kindle DX graphite ftw!!!

If I had enough money, I would buy a MacBook Pro.

well, if I will buy Alienware M17x Laptop if I have enough money, it’s great for gaming lol…

It is true that iPad is not too good for reading in the sun, but however it is just perfect for reading at night with the lights turned off so that you don’t bother your wife or any other one!

As already said, a Kindle can be good if you just want to read and you pay $139 for that. With an iPad, you do that with an App, ibook and then you do all the rest. I personally now use more my iPad than my computer and iPhone. I try also to find the same “free” book, as audio-book too with just another App, so that I can read and after listen to the same book and improve the language that I’m studying. By the way, I’ve never liked to read in the sun because of the light, because it’s too hot etc., but a kindle could be a good start in the new era of ebooks.

The Ipad seems like a neat bit of technology, but as an eboook reader it seem to fail on any day the sun is bright, and you are outside, or near a window.

Also since the kindle weighs about as much as a paperback it’s easy to get in a comfortable position and read, with the ipad you have to find a way to make it comfortable since it’s a pretty hefty device (not the biggest problem, but in my experience fairly important for reading extensively)

Anyway, I think they are much different beasts and given the price I think the Kindle is a really nice dedicated ereader that does a little more (like browse the web acceptably and play MP3s as an afterthought)

Albert, everybody knows that Kindle is designed for single people, and Ipad for married people. :smiley:

The only thing that my ereader (not a Kindle) can’t do too well is display textbooks with lots of columns, tables, charts, etc. Those I have to read on my netbook (or even buy a paper copy). All other reading I would prefer to do on my ebook reader: light, portable, no eye-strain and long battery life.

If Kindle produced an affordable reader with an 8 or 9 inch screen that could display PDFs I would be really tempted to get one.


I hear it said they’ll drop the price on the Kindle DX soon, and it supports PDFs pretty well, and should get better since the Kindle 3 has better PDF support, and they should update the DX firmware soon.

That’s the one I have my eye on!

Probably have to sign up for a university course or something to justify the expense…