Kindle having ebook version in english but not other languages?

Does anyone know why a book would be available as an ebook on amazon kindle/google but then when I look in another language the only books they sell under that name are mass paperback? Is there any reason for this? If anyone knows please let me know. Thank you!

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Yeah. It might not make them money =)

Depending on the language you may need to look for sources elsewhere, like ebook stores from your target language country. However, the books here are likely to be done by the native author and not “American”.

I’ve been pretty fortunately with German. There are plenty of “English” kindle books translated to German.

Have you done a kindle search for books in the target language itself? i.e. set up the search options to return only books in “X” language? You may or may not find the book you are looking for, but at least maybe it’ll pop up a lot of books that may sound interesting to you.


Because it’s a mess!

Editors are a painful category and it’s a jungle. So the problem is that one Editor could have the rights to sell in one country but not in another. They have separate rights to sell paper books and digital books. Separate rights to sell translated books and so on.

Just to say a simple thing, in the past I wanted to use the feature whispersync or something like that that Audible offers. So you can listen to audiobooks and follow along the text from the ebook.

The problem?

I have an account because I don’t listen to audiobooks in my language and on there are more audiobooks.

BUT if I want to buy the correspondent “ebook” I can’t because doesn’t sell me that ebook because I need to buy it on

But is connected to which is not synced with!!! So even the same company have different shops that are not connected to each other just because of these “copyright” differences!