Kindle Fire

Should this little old pensioner on a tight budget start saving up for a Kindle Fire? (I am happy with the little notebook I have, what benefits would a ‘tablet’ bring - would we be able to use LingQ on a KF?)

Lingq wouldn’t be optimized for it although you could probably visit the page.

I’d say if you don’t have an ereader yet you probably don’t need the fire, you’d probably be fine with the much cheaper versions and be perfectly happy.

Thanks to a most generous birthday gift (doffs cap at son), I have a Kindle 3G, the latter part rarely used by me. What would a tablet do that my notebook doesn’t? I am all for carrying light things around and if a tablet, any tablet, would do whatever my notebook does…

P.S. I forgot to say thank you BS70

What would you use a Kindle Fire for?

For reading foreign language novels I like my pocketbook Pro 602 because it has about 27 different built-in dictionaries. For reading textbooks in PDF I’d really like a Pocketbook Pro 902 for the 9 inch screen.

What particular reading (or other uses) do you have in mind for a Kindle Fire?

Thanks, Helen. That is exactly my question (put much more succinctly by you). How would a tablet / a Kindle Fire make my life easier?

I read foreign novels on Kindle, but haven’t ever used a dictionary there - out of sheer ignorance, not superior word power. Nor have I ever sent myself a pdf to read.

For my granny stints I fly only with hand luggage and am always interested in cutting its weight. The Kindle has already helped to do that. I could image that a tablet might be lighter than a notebook but I’d like something that allows me easy access to the internet and e-mail, the Kindle keyboard/connection is a joke in that respect, in my eyes.

@SanneT - You can certainly access the internet and email on the Fire. Plus, it saves you from also bringing your Kindle on trips, although the Kindle battery life is much longer (if you have 3g turned off). You will also be able to use the new Android App for LingQ when we eventually release it. As well, most of the functionality on the site itself will work on your tablet.

Thank you! That’s good to know. It’ll take a few more months before it hits the UK, enough time to let me make up my mind (I hope).