Kindle ebooks

Sorry if this subject has been raised before,but,can I import my ebooks from my Kindle pc into LINGQ to use the translation function? Thanks in advance for any help,

I tried to copy and past the text, too, because I had the same wish.
Untill now, I couldn’t find a solution. It was not possible.
Perhaps we can find a solution here, from other members :slight_smile:

I have tried importing Amazon ebooks but have not found a way. If you are very patient, you can take screens shots of each page and use character recognition software to turn it into plain text, but this is probably too slow.

I think you have to crack the DRM. There are programs which will do this, but it’s a bit naughty.

Once you’ve broken the DRM you can use CALIBRE to convert it into any form you like.

“it’s a bit naughty”

That is certainly a relative statement.

and if anything is naughty - it is impossible for me :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I think, the only way will be, to write the text by hand. This would be a good exercise to the same time. *ha ha ha

If you have a smartphone and a paper book, there are apps which allow you to photograph the book, page by page, and turn the images into PDFs. Then you perform optical character recognition and fix all errors by hand.

I suppose with an Amazon book you might be able to take a screen grab and then OCR that. It would be a bit of a performance though.

Another possibility is to search for an ebook version of the book you want on a free ebook download site. Also a bit naughty. But easy (allegedly. Ahem.)

I have never bought a Kindle ebook from Amazon for two reasons. 1) They think that, as I live in England, I should only be allowed to buy English language ebooks and 2) They tend to inspect what you have on your Kindle ereader, and if there’s content they don’t like, they will freeze your account and render the reader useless. Apparently.

@T120 You can copy the odd paragraph with Kindle PC. If you have bought the kindle book and it is solely for your own use then download Calibre (free) and set it to convert to pdf format. Delete any pages you don’t want and select all text ‘Ctrl A’ and copy. Paste into a word processor first to format the text or use ‘Paste Special’ to keep the original layout. Remember not to share this on LingQ. You could also delete the pdf when you’re finished.