Kind of unsure to buy because the trial is so "limited", and question about paying

To clarify, the only bug I ran into was that for some reason when I tried to add a “tag” to a word, it for some reason tagged every single word on the page xD
fixed itself after I restarted my pc the next day. Technically the site seems functional.

What I mean is that 20 linqs is not nearly enough. Admittedly what I’ve seen so far is really cool and I’ve obsessively been importing hanziyuan for every character even on my lunch break yesterday, but then this morning I hit the 20 limit :frowning:

it wouldn’t be so bad if 2 of the words I “learned” was the English letter A (in the context of sort A) B) C) etc) and the English word “Story”; these hardly being common Chinese words xD
And one of the words was literally the name Mike (at least that was written in Chinese)

I have gone through like 4 sentences of the first story, haven’t even got to the end of one page. I haven’t even tried to review the linqs or use any other site functions because lets be honest memorizing 20 of anything is not that hard, it wouldn’t be indicative of the performance of the software long-term. It’s really barely a tech demo.

I’m not sure if you guys are afraid that I am going to learn all of Chinese on 40 linqs or something lol.

I want to keep “trialing” the software so I was thinking of paying the 15 dollars for just one month (without discounts :frowning: ) but then I saw the thread below about not being able to cancel subscriptions and I may be stupid but I don’t see on the pay page anything about it being a one time payment or a recurrent payment. Basically I have ptsd from when fender play defrauded me of 500 dollars over several years and I threatened legal action AND WHILE BEING SUED THEY STILL TRIED TO CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD!

Having incredibly obtuse or outright non-existent cancelation options seems to be par for the course for recurrent payment internet services so forgive my caution.

I would ideally like to have some option of making a one time payment so that YOU guys don’t keep my credit card information so that you can’t “accidentally” start charging me whenever you want. (not that I’m saying you will)

Anyways sorry that’s my mental health problem but my point is can’t you make the “free” version something like as many linqs as the first story has at least? 20 linqs is literally not enough for me to find out what the heck Mike does after he has his cup of coffee and goes to work xD

Can I get some explanation of if its possible to pay with the option of not storing my credit card information (and therefore not being automatic and recurring payments)?
Likely if I like the one month I would rather pay for a year plan afterwards to save some money, so I would not want the one month to be automatically re-subscribed anyways. And if I do pay 100 bucks a year I wouldn’t mind re-entering my credit card info annually so I do not want you to store the information in that case either.

Thanks for your feedback!
If you need more time to test the site, before upgrading, feel free to contact us on support(at) and we will explain how you can get the 7-days Free Trial.

Since all LingQ memberships are recurring memberships, you need to upgrade with your credit card or PayPal account. It’s not possible to upgrade without adding your payment details.
We assure you that you can upgrade without any concerns, and if you ever need any assistance or whenever you decide to cancel subscription, just let us know and we will always gladly assist.

Hi Zoran,
Thanks a bunch for your reply!
I’ve emailed support quoting your post (I hope you don’t mind!) requesting a 7 day trial. I think I’ve already pretty much made up my mind but I would feel much more comfortable if I did have a few days of unlimited access to simulate how I would use it if I actually subscribed.

2 other points additionally:
Firstly I found that you can pay with google play on the app store but, there is no way (that I’ve found) to input promotional price codes. You can pay in browser with PayPal but unfortunately there is no option for single time checkout, but it does give some relief that at least I can mediate with PayPal if something fishy happens. I think I’ll probably not worry about it too much, you guys seem like upstanding folk after all.*

  • = secondly I got an email from your promotions about a 35% discount for back to school but when I clicked on it it was just a 5% discount on the already default-ly discounted 12 month plan. Technically a sum discount of 35% sure, but by no way is it a real discount of that much, and the email purposefully avoids mentioning the time frame of the premium subscription. The whole thing gave me the impression that (as most companies do) the discount is cumulative with the bulk discount; so I would have expected a 35 discount on the monthly and a ~35 + 30 discount on the 12 month.

If you had added in the email that it was a “35% discount on a 12 month plan” it would have been slightly more genuine at least. I am kind of disappointed in what I perceive to be a low integrity limited time “fear of missing out” type marketing move that would have yielded a negligible real saving to your customer. I almost bought it but for seeing that the end price was hardly different than the 12 month plan I looked at 2 days ago. That’s not cool man. If you could pass this feedback on to the marketing department I would be grateful.

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Zoran was helping you out with a few extra days and then you post more content. You just needed to say thank you Zoran.

This is a great program and I encourage you to purchase the full year and if you are a serious learner of an L2. If you are just dabbling around then this might not be the best program. I encourage you to take time and watch some of the videos from serious L2 learners on youtube and then you can make an informed decision.

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It sounds like you’re pushing hard for a free subscription…

I have subscribed and unsubscribed to LingQ many times over the years, and I have never had an issue cancelling a subscription. Currently I am using Paypal, and I can either cancel the sub from my Paypal account, or I can cancel it on LingQ. Why some people can’t find or don’t have access to the ‘downgrade’ button I have no idea.

There’s no need to mediate with Paypal - you cancel the payment authorisation within your Paypal account before the payment is due. Educate yourself on how Paypal works.

Just be a bit more savvy on the internet and be aware of what you’re signing up for.

And don’t write so many words next time…

Well I got my free subscription so hahahahahaha get stuffed Bogdog!

Joking aside, I am low vision, and not particularly tech savvy. Knowing where the “downgrade” button doesn’t help you if pressing it doesn’t do anything on purpose because the site is a scam! When I said mediate with PayPal what I meant was that I could make PayPal stop the subscription on it’s end. Great advice to be a bit more tech savvy though! Thank you for that!

I got my 7 day trial after all, and the support email even came with a very handy visual picture guide on how to enable it and everything, which I very very much appreciated. It took me a few days to even really figure out how to navigate the site if I’m honest.

Oh and by the way, I hope they aren’t keeping you locked in a basement somewhere forcing you to read random support forum posts. Blink twice if you need us to send help! Otherwise don’t read so many words next time! Just close your eyes! Go outside! Touch the grass! etc.

And to Tbinder,
I opened my post with " Hi Zoran, Thanks a bunch for your reply!"
And closed with " I would be grateful."

In case the message wasn’t clear I am very grateful to Zoran for being so courteous and helpful! THANKS AGAIN ZORAN, PLZ DONT HATE ME! I GENUINELY APPRECIATE HOW GOOD THE SUPPORT IS ON THIS SITE! Maybe I should have split that second part into a new support post but I didn’t want to spam the board unnecessarily. I have taken that feedback on board!

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@Ivan No worries at all, I am glad I was able to assist. Happy learning!

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You don’t need to make PayPal do anything. You have control over your own account and who you give money too.

Instead of writing this bonkers comment you should have spent some time on PayPal learning how to manage your account. That’s called being tech savvy…