Kim Jong Il is dead

Asian markets decline due to uncertainty but there is not much else at the moment.
Who will succeed him? Will DPRK dissolve into chaos?

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Son will succeed him. It will be really tough for quite a while. Now, I’m not sure about this and I am too lazy to look it up, but isn’t one of his other sons (or maybe son-in-law) the general of the army? I remember hearing that he wasn’t too happy that the youngest son was going to take his father’s place. Interesting dynamics are going to go down, fer sure son!!

Glimpses of North Korean life behind the facade:

I expect no major changes …

And so dies the greatest golfer on the planet.

I think God let Christopher Hitchens and Vaclav Havel pick the next one.

You’re right dooo - Hitchens also checked out a couple of days ago, didn’t he?

It doesn’t seem to be looking too good for celebs right now - who’s gonna be next! ;-0

BTW The last death of a famous person to make me feel genuinely sad was that of Leslie Nielson (about a year ago.) Some of the gags in the ‘Naked Gun’ series of films were very much indeed to my taste.