Kids begin by listening

Hi everyone,

sorry for the mistakes that I’m going to do, but I’m still learning. I’m a self-taught learner English. I started in February for work and the first thing that I did it is been listening as much as possibile. I believe that is the best way to begining and that’s because also kids learn one or more languages in that way. I know that in the web more people in their sites say that, Steve Kaufmann is one of these. In fact there is a scientific reason: our brain has first need to get information “to learning”, as kids do in the early years of their life. Of course the adult can use other channels of learning (reading, speaking and writing) but dubtless listining is the most important, above all if I have little time (one-two ours every day) to learning a second language (but also third, fourth, etc.) When it is been possible (due to time) I started reading. I left for last speaking and writing not because these are less important but because i have not had time to use them. Only these days I’m starting to write (at least I’m trying…)
Ok that’s all for now. What do you think?
I need Help for my mistakes. Let me Know if there are. Thanks

You did extremely well if you started only in February!

We do not tend to correct each other in the forum. There are plenty of good English tutors here, who would willingly give you feedback when you submit writing.

The input method really suits you, you have made amazing progress. Congratulations.

Thank you very much for your words Sanne T,

words of encouragement are always welcome, especially when you start a new learning, like I’m doing. Yes I started in February, before I only knew the English school ( only 2 hours a week - I finished school 30 years ago…!!). I started learning english for work, but I must admit that the thing is becoming a pleasure. Now I can understand why many people study 2 or more languages, perhaps you are one of these.