Keyboard shortcuts randomly stop working; paging no longer highlights a word

Chrome and Firefox

Keyboard shortcuts will just randomly stop working every few minutes. If I refresh the page this usually brings the functionality back.

Also, there is a bug when using the arrow keys to navigate between words. When it takes you to the next page, in previous versions the applicable word on the next page would be highlighted. Now it shows me the vocabulary list and I have to select a word manually to continue.

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Yeah I noticed this is happening to me as well.

Same here.

Same. Maybe this should be an option in Settings.

As a beginner in Chinese, I prefer to have the word highlighted and the sound played. However, in a language I am more familiar with I would prefer no highlighting and no sound.

Please note that I would greatly appreciate an option to turn the World List off permanently.

It’s clear that multiple users are having this problem. Any response from LingQ?

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@JFC Our testers are looking into this and trying to reproduce the issue. We will have it figured out and then fixed as soon as possible.


For me, it happens when the dialogue sentence ends. Chinese punctuation creates a weird spacing effect that carries over to LingQ. Similar to about a month ago where the bug wouldn’t let you go forward to the next sentence (this is way better, since you can still progress and F5 after. )

Luckily I’m at a part of one of my books where the lead is trapped alone, so less dialogue for now :slight_smile:

Having the same problem on iMac with Safari.