Kanji reading for japanese popup window

Until yesterday, even with kanji reading turned off, when you clicked on a word the pop up window showed the kanji reading in hiragana. Today it is not showing. Something was changed? how can I turn this on only for pop up window?

May I ask, is the writing in the pop-up showing kanji in the place where in previously showed hiragana? It sounds like a similar issue that happens to people where the pinyin transliteration stops showing and they can only see the Chinese characters in the pop-up.

If it is the same issue, then I have noticed it is easily resolved. If you click on the text where the hiragana/pinyin used to show, it flips the texts in the pop-up between pinyin/Chinese characters or kanji/hiragana. So click the text to swap back and forth.

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I can still see it in popups, actually, even if it’s turned off on the settings. Do you still have that problem?

Yeah, it worked. I clicked on the text where hiragana should be and it swaped. Thanks @ZhanMu.

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Hi Zoran. As per below, the issue can be fixed by clicking on the text on the pop-up. On the pop-up, if you click on the hiragana on Japanese, or pinyin on Mandarin, it switches between hiragana and kanji or pinyin and Chinese characters.

That said, when using Mandarin, it often flips off pinyin without me clicking. I have to frequently click the text on the pop-up to bring the pinyin back. It’s not a major issue and it can be rectified each time it flips, but I’m not sure what is causing it to flip off from pinyin? Do you know what might be causing that?

I hope what I said makes sense.

Thanks ZhanMu, I’ll look into that and try to reproduce it and figure it out.

Hi Zoran, I am having the same problem in Mandarin. Every time I advance a page the pinyin will switch. This happens in sentence mode and page mode.

Thanks, I’ll check that.