Just exiting the valley of despair finally

I think of the first stage of learning a language (3-6 months) where you understand nothing and it’s a serious daily grind every day to just memorize and cram and cram and cram as being the “valley of despair”.

Just exiting it now in Russian finally. I’m able to understand a handful of A2 videos completely. Holy crap what a slog it felt like compared to French and Spanish but it’s there.

Gotta say, since this is my first non-close-to-English language I thought it was possible I wouldn’t get there because fear of the unknown.

Especially since they say Russian is allegedly a hard language (not saying it isn’t but it’s “hard” as opposed to impossible). Please to say that I was right and that it would (eventually) follow the same process if I put in the hard effort.

So yeah. The cracks of light of progress. Hells yeah.