Just do two things

And you can have my money every month.

The first is to stop all the forum wet wipes from moaning about the American president. Make a separate forum called ‘wet-wipes against Trumping’ or something and let all those posts go in there so the rest of us don’t have to put up with it.

The second is - get some graphic novel content on the interface, that would be totally awesome. I would literally sign up instantly.

Yeah, just censor peoples opinion and we’ll enjoy the honor of having you around
Totally worth it
I second this

What we need is more activity on this forum so that all political stuff will be drowned by language material instead. Unfortunately I don’t see it happening as the marketing of this site is not drawing a lot of new people lately, it almost seems dead; its a shame because I see a lot of potential here if things are done right.


It’s a real win-win! In exchange for some limitation on free speech (not to be reciprocated in the case of pro-brexit, alt-right or anti-immigration rants, of course) we’ll be able to delight in kind, well-argued and thought provoking comments from you, such as calling people “cuckolds” or telling people what language they actually speak.
I guess confining such posts to a “gratuitous trolling” forum would be out of question?

Typical lib strawman argument. You seem to be good at this, ftornay?

Where is op censoring opinion?

Answer – he isn’t + we literally have no ability (zero) to stop the onslaught of lingq moderators who continue to spam the forum with anti-democracy posts.

And whilst you are back up on your high horse again, take it from me, there is no honour in libs spamming the forum every day. Literally, no honour in what you guys are doing, at all.

At least conservatives understand it is ok to keep it to a couple of posts. Only anti-democracy posters feel the need to post 84 new posts a day.

op - good idea - but I would call the spammers sub forum something like “lingq spammers who hate democracy and feel the need to let everyone know about it 84 times a day”

I guess ftornay and I disagree on politics but he’s 100% right about this. Just don’t read the thread if you can’t handle different opinions.

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ok, I’m going to make 58 Lingq posts a day, everyday, for the rest of the year on why both democracy and trump are a good thing.

Can you guys come lecture about censorship at the the end of the year?

Also try google - “Is Spam Free Speech?”


This used to be a great forum…

… then liberals lost their minds because of a democratic outcome.

The Term ‘Graphic Novel’ Has Had A Good Run. We Don’t Need It Anymore

I am not a fan of comics. I didn’t know the term “graphic novel”. Is nonfiction not included in the graphic novels?
DrewPeacock seems to be a big fan of “fiction” comics. I feel there is no accounting for taste. I prefer reading grammar books to reading comics.


Ftornay has a point - freedom of speech is a two way street!

“ok, I’m going to make 58 Lingq posts a day, everyday, for the rest of the year on why both democracy and trump are a good thing.”

Haven’t you already been doing that?

Iaing wrote:
“This used to be a great forum … then liberals lost their minds because of a democratic outcome.”

Do you realize that the term “democracy” is included in the names of the most politically-repressive countries of the world, where none are allowed to criticise the political leader of their “republic” in public places? Do you think that “democratically elected” leaders in those “democratic countries” should be immune from any criticism? I imagine you think so.

“Just do two things and you can have my money every month.”

No deal.

The people are rising: RISE UP (Andra Day) Cover by 14 year old Mattie Faith - YouTube

Keep your money. What we want is a forum where left and right philosophies can engage in civil conversation. LingQ generously offers an open forum for this.

Phrases like “wet-wipes against Trump” undermine all of our attempts to communicate our beliefs and thinking with each other.

People are rising? Yes, it’s the people who think like me who are rising after years of repression in media, education, the workplace. And you can’t handle it.

And if that’s your reasoning then LingQ needs to stop the automatic thread feed from coming up because that is how a lot of us browse the forum so all the different forums’ topics are mixed into the same list.

And ps, thinking that Trump isn’t the evil monster the ‘left’ makes him out to be doesn’t make one politically ‘right’. The enemy of the enemy isn’t necessarily one’s friend.

I am neither ‘right’ nor ‘left’ on the political spectrum and couldn’t give two hoots about either. There is no political solution to the world’s real problems - pollution, oil running out, displacement of people and destruction of culture, heritage and tradition.

Plus Trumps entire cabinet (or whatever the US equivalent is) are there to work for Israel.

Am i allowed to say that under your limited definition of ‘freedom of speech’ or is that anti-semitic?

Typical whiney liberal.

Are you seriously claiming that a separate forum for all Trump-related posts is ‘censorship’ ? Go and consult a dictionary because you don’t know the meaning of the word.

Gratuitous trolling? Telling you the truth isn’t ‘trolling’. Getting people to click on threads which have nothing to do with politics in the title but which always turn out to be about the same thing is ruining the forum.

First of all, I think you may be exaggerating the number of Trump threads on this forum. I counted about three out of the most recent fifty. Pretty hard to make the “spam” argument with such a small number. That’s not even one a day.
Second, I don’t understand how criticizing a world leader is tantamount to hating democracy.

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I was referring to your past posts, calling people cuckolds, etc. I you think that’s “telling the truth”, then I can only be sorry for you

So you’re asking for trigger warnings?

Well they did attract some spammers lately…

For what?
For a balanced diet?
Or for the purpose of maintaining physical fitness?