Just arrived in Leon, Spain

I have driven close to 2,000 kms through heavy rains, wind, in France in the Massif Central and between Bordeaux and the Spanish border, and now I am in sunny Leon. I have a cramp in my right calf but intend to head off to see the city and enjoy a few Tapas! More on my trip later, here and on my blog.

Sorry for all the inconveniences but I am really excited about the changes to the Lesson page, the greater speed of the site. We will fix the bugs, (not me of course) and we will continue to improve.

Hola to all my Spanish friends, and LingQers who live in Spain. I will enter Portugal tomorrow for a series of conferences with Portuguese language teachers and learners, organized by the University of Minho…

2,000 kms in two days, from just north of Munich, not in one day!!!

Steve, I hope you’ll find new Portuguese contributors for the library and maybe some tutors too! :slight_smile:

Hola Steve, have a nice time in León ;))

You left Germany when the weather turns better to get rain in France and Spain :wink: In Germany we had a lot of sun today and yesterday.

I’m glad to hear that you arrived savely. Have a nice time!

It was very nice to meet you in Eichstätt. I enjoyed it a lot. I’m so glad to know you in reality now! Thank you for breakfast and dinner from Jürgen and me.

I really enjoyed meeting Vera and Juergen and had a great time at the language conference in Eichstaett. Now I am tired and will write more later.

Berta, and Yasuko, and other Madrlienos, maybe we could meet up around the 17th of October.

Wow, I just missed you in both countries! I left Spain a few days ago to arrive back in Germany. I wish I could have caught up with you while you were in either one. Oh well, maybe next time. Luckily I had the exact opposite fortune with the weather. I left Spain when the weather was nice and arrived in Germany the evening before a couple days of great weather. Enjoy your travels in Europe, I can only imagine how much fun travelling here is when you can speak a few of the languages.

Steve, are you going to stay in Madrid??? FANTASTIC!!!


I am thinking of spending a few days in or near Segovia between the 17th and 19th or so. I wonder if you , Berta and other LingQers who live in Madrid would be available to meet up, and what time of day would work.

That’s grate!!! I would like to meet you and other LingQers!
Only obstacle is the time. I work from 9-18 hours and my lunch time is from 13:30h to 15:00h. I don’t know how about other people… My office is nearby the Sor Angela de la Cruz Street. (Metro Cuzco) I am not in Madrid 17th.

It’d be great! I’m at my sister’s house those days and I don’t know if I’ll have a car available (she lives 30kms away from Madrid, north-east). Say a time and a date and I’ll do my best to go!. I’ll start the brainwashing of my sister right away!

Can we aim for the 18th or is the 19th better? Is evening the best? Berta and Yasuko, if you can agree on a time, then I will announce it on my blog and on Facebook to see who else we can get to come out for a LingQ Meetup!

Do you already know more or less when you will be in Barcelona?

I am now aiming for the 20th and 21st. How does that work for you? I left a message on your wall and Oscar’s.I wonder if there are others in the area that might be interested. I am assuming that it is too short notice to have an event at Excellence.

Both days are fine for me!
I guess there’s no time to organize an event at Excellence this time. Anyway I have told them and ask for the procedure. I’m waiting for an answer. I’ll tell you as soon as I get it.

My wife and I are staying near Segovia from the night of the 16th and depart on the 20th. Let’s pick a convenient evening and see if we cannot get more people to join us, including your friends. Once we have a date I will announce it on Facebook etc. Please advise.

Re Barcelona, I intend to arrive on the 20th and depart on the 22nd. We need to decide on a day, time and place and that works for Albert and Oscar and then try to see if we can get more people out.

Please let me know what works.

Hi Steve,

Like I said in your wall, on 20th I have all the day, and on 21th in the morning and in the late evening. On 22th there is no problem all the day.
Looking forward!

I forgot to say that I don’t know very well Barcelona in order to suggest a place for the meeting. Maybe Albert may know it better.

For me both (18th & 19th) days are OK but maybe I prefer 19th .
Is it good time for you around 19h?

Berta doesn’t know if she would able to come, because it is not depending on her, it’s depending on her sister. She will do her best to come.
I hope some other people could join us.

So let’s aim for dinner on the evening of the 19th. An early dinner would be best since we have to return to our hotel in Segovia after dinner. How is that?

Is there any place that is easy to get to for people in Madrid and nearer to Segovia?