Just a dumb $10 per month pricing question - it looks like I'm getting charged 10.50?

Hello, I’m paying the $10 / month plan, but I just noticed that my invoices have “subtotal” as $10, but “paid” on the invoice says 10.50. Yes, I’m getting charged $10.50 per month. I’m wondering why the 50 cents is getting added to the $10 monthly. Thanks

We are based in Canada so, unfortunately, that means all Canadians get charged GST.

That’s good to know, and I’m happy to pay that, but the invoice doesn’t indicate that I’m paying a tax at all. It doesn’t have any line that says “GST” or “Tax” or “VAT” etc. It just has one line that says “Subtotal = $10”, followed by a line that says “Paid = $10.50”. I think technically in Canada, you’re supposed to indicate on an invoice when GST is being charged - http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/bsnss/tpcs/gst-tps/gnrl/stps/cllct-eng.html. I could be mistaken about the regulations, but as it stands, I have no clue that I’m paying a tax when I look at the invoice. It would benefit your customers if you were to indicate a line that shows the GST rate and amount, minimally for their peace of mind.

@shanplourde - Did you factor in the exchange rate? Last year, for example, the aussie dollar was at parity with the US dollar. But now, our currency keeps getting weaker against the greenback. Last month I had to pay $11.48. Soon, it will cost $12 plus.

I think LingQ staff forget that 10 bucks isn’t 10 bucks for the rest of us in the world, but it’s still the best $11.48+ per month I pay!:)~

The lingq monthly premium fee is $10 USD, and assuming you have an AUD currency credit card, lingq has nothing to do with the exchange rate. Lingq would charge you $10 USD, and your credit card would process that $10 USD payment. Your credit card vendor would then convert USD to AUD using your credit card’s FX rate. So lingq has nothing to do with exchange rates that you’re paying. This is definitely a tax related issue as I’m a Canadian resident with a Canadian billing address. I do agree, it’s $10 USD (+ 5% GST, a Canadian federal tax that Canadian websites must charge to credit cards with Canadian addresses) that I’m very glad to part with :slight_smile:

uhhh…wow, am I really that incoherent? :slight_smile: Of course I know about the credit card vendor, conversion etc. - independent of LingQ! I don’t care that the LingQ receipt shows only “10 USD” payment of course.

I just wondered if the Canadian exchange rate had changed, is all - which might account for your extra 50c. Apparently not.

I had in mind some previous comments by beloved LingQ staff when I was talking about “10 bucks isn’t 10 bucks” for the rest of us. I meant (in friendly way), that even though LingQ hasn’t raised their fee, the exchange rate (independent of LingQ) can become more difficult for others (especially in non-affluent countries) to pay! (and not talking about my own country/situation).

Hah, sorry just being very explicit because it’s a user support related question, and being in the software development field, I find that being extremely explicit usually helps the technical support guys out. I was just looking at the invoice that lingq had emailed to me, which is displayed in USD. True, many countries have economies where even $10 a year is not affordable, let alone a computer, an internet connection, a public library, etc. I feel blessed to be able to afford services like lingq

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Good point, we use a payment provider who handles this automatically, but we’ll see what we can do to add this line to the invoice!