I hold a class every Monday at 3:30 (Hong Kong time- GMT +8) at City University in Hong Kong where the students and I will be looking for people to chat with.

We also have skype with video if anyone can join us at that time!

I look forward to speaking with other LingQ members!!

Prof Blair

The only way can use to have a talk is using skype, however I’d like to be there, in Hong Kong. People use to say that Hong Kong is like US inside China, but the Truth is that this is a interesting country rich of entertainment. If you don’t mind, tell me about the native people of Hong Kong.


HI Tomasito
we will get back to you with some answers on Monday!
do you have skype?

Unfortunatly I don’t have skype installed in my pc. I’ll try to put it on my pc during this week.

when will be next class?

Hi, I would really love to participate… Iw

You know what ? I was an exchange student in CITYU in 2008 (from september to december) and my experience in Hong Kong was great…I’m a french girl.

Hi All!

Ok we will be online today at 3:30. Two of the students dropped out so I don’t know who will be there but I will be!

Lilly that is amazing that you were here at City U!!

Lola, we have class every Monday at 3:30 Hong Kong time (that is GMT +8) where are you?

Our Skype login is CityU4You (I am trying to keep things consistent!)

Give us a minute to get skype started. We have to reinstall it every time!

If the timing doesn’t work, then we can at least leave messages here or on skype.

Actually I started a voice thread at that has a few pictures of Hong Kong. I am hoping the students will upload more so that we can share what we think is Hong Kong.

You can add comments to it. I can always add more pictures.

It is called Hong Kong to Me. (also cityu4you user)

talk to you soon!


Opps! that voice thread is HOng Kong as I see it

Sorry but I didn’t realize that the class has already begun…I misunderstood your words.
Can you give me more details about the conversation time ? How long it is ? How many people will participate ?

Hi Lilily

Well we have a class of 4 people now (not including me). We expect to skype with another class in Japan to practice English. The Japanese class has not started yet; but I am sure we can have several people chatting at once. We meet every Monday at 3:30 HK time. We are looking for more people to just have conversation with. Many students in Hong Kong do not get the opportunity to travel outside China and most do not get to speak to other people in English except other HK people (with whom they will speak 90% of the time in Chinese). Actually, the students in the class are from Mainland China so you can talk to them about where they come from, how they find Hong Kong, and discuss whatever. I would help steer the conversation, or keep it going, but I am not going to “teach” the class as it should be more just about fun and chatting with other people with different cultures.

Dear All- our Skype name is CityU2You

Sorry for the confusion.