Jesus christ why has this not been fixed yet?

PC version of LingQ still unusable. It wont read out sentences that I highlight. How come such a simple thing hasnt bee taken care of yet? Thats pretty wild. What good is a cosmetic update when you cant even use basic functionality.

Im using firefox, and no I wont try other browsers. LingQ 4 was working fine on firefox before.


I just tested that on both Firefox and Chrome, and TTS for highlighted phrases works fine. Can you give it another try?

just did. Still not working. It works on short sentences, but on longer ones it doesnt. And they not even that long… around 8 words. It does work on the ipad, so this must be a bug of some kind. Also, im doing it on the japanese stuff, not sure if it might be a malfunction only on japanese text.

Can you take a screenshot of issue and send it to support(at) Please also include lesson URL. That would be great. Thanks!