Jerry Springer Show

Does anybody else regards Jerry Springer Show as a source for learning real english?
Emotional, spontaneous dialogs is what we all need to wake up after BBC podcasts.
One can find some episodes on
No transcripts found but hopefully somebogy originally from US could help
From my side ready to help with informal spontaneous russian

I would imagine that Jerry Springer would be great content to learn from. We would have to ask permission from Jerry Springer to put that up on our site but you are free to import it and learn it on your own. If you want to ask them permission to share it on LingQ, that would also be good. You should also check out Dr. Laura in our Library.

I’ve just checked it out tnanks a lot.

One day when lingq is more popular there will be some critical review of lingq and it’s system, and the reviewer will site this thread and quote Mark verbatim and the headline will read:

“Popular language learning site thinks that Jerry Springer is a good source of material.”

Provocative stuff like that always attracts simple people who cant understand value of lyrical nothingless :wink:

Was your post an example? jk :slight_smile:

yes for some reason i sometimes need to say something lyrical, just to get rid of it :slight_smile:

As addition to your simplified workout, check it out:

Some of us learned ALL our English from the BBC and don’t know how to speak any other way :wink:

That’s may be not bad at all for somebody hunting for the job there :wink:
As to me Id better study cockney in GB

Cockney is a whole other language… I like it though my china plate…

Not at all
Just have a butcher’s at its dicky bird’s list - all is in english my empire