Javascript error appearing in library

I can’t grab new content anymore. this problem currently exists on anything i click on in library. Pls try it out as its only just started happening.


Hi Roy,

It looks like you can still take it using the Take button at right but not by clicking on the title. We’ll get on fixing the other issue.

ah ok thanks.

Hi Roy,

That’s fixed now. Thanks for letting us know.

I can’t open any item on the library too, I click and nothing happens.

Hi Flavio,

It looks like we only fixed it when English is your native language. We are now working on it for all languages. Thanks for letting us know.

Hi Mark,
I thought it was normal and it work only when I click on “Take” :slight_smile:
I wondered why it was so complicated.

It should be working now in ALL languages. No, Vera, it wasn’t there to trick you into clicking on the blue link for no reason. :slight_smile:

it’s working now, thanks.