"Japanese salarymen"

Japanese salarymen" are today “wussy, unambitious ‘grass-eating men’.”–Watching China whizz by This isn’t the real, root cause of the crisis.

I wonder what “salarymen” would remind natives of? In my house I have one salaryman ( my husband ) and a future salaryman ( my son ). They are a bit grass eaters, rather than Samurai. I am ‘carnivorous’, though.

As some might know, we use “salarymen” to refer to salaried workers in Japan.

I don’t hope that grass-eating animals are going extinct by c_________s animals.

Well, at least both of my dearest grass eaters are still doing very well, thankfully.

I asked Skyblueteapot to correct my last post. The revised one is as follows:
"I hope that grass-eating animals are not going to be driven to extinction by c_________s animals. "

“When you look at Japan’s declining share of world GDP, and even its relative decline in per capita GDP, the biggest single cause is the declining number of working-age Japanese.”
Paul Krugman, “Japanese Demography” Japanese Demography - The New York Times

I suppose all "wussy, unambitious ‘grass-eating men’ in Japan are relieved to read Paul Krugman’s comment.

Paul Krugman looks like the kind of guy who’d be eating grass…