Japanese Polyglot at Youtube

A Japanese polyglot has started to post his videos at Youtube:

From what can be seen so far, Uncle Polyglot speaks very good English and excellent Chinese. What has impressed me most mightily about him is how methodical he is in his language studies. In his Japanese blog, there are entries explaining how he goes about learning the various languages. Take a look at how he learns French vocabulary:


Just look at the piles of flashcards! They have all been carefully date-stamped, even the dictionary pages have been date-stamped. Aren’t we glad we’ve got LingQ? Still, my utmost admiration for Uncle Polyglot’s diligence, dedication and thoroughness.

The videos are very impressive. His English speaking sounds like real Americans. He said he would continue his pronunciation practice with new book. He also speaks other languages. Amazing! Yes, he is a polyglot!

He is still young. In a future, he will speak ten or more languages fluently, like Steve. Someday I would like to watch the youtube video of Uncle Polyglot and Steve conversation in many languages.

Thank you for sharing us good video.