Japanese issue

Yesterday I’ve encountered a problem regarding the lessons from Japanese in which I could see in the library lessons which I’ve already been through and on top of that the words which I marked as known were still highlighted in blue .

@MADARA - I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean. What happens if you mark these words as Known again, do they still show up in blue when you refresh the page?

I tried what you said and it works fine but concerning the other problem , I still see lessons which I went through already, in the Library section .

@MADARA - Would you be able to give me an example of one of these lessons? Also, what are your filters set to on the right hand side?

You mean on the left side, right ? The filters are set on Beginner 2 ,Intermediate 1,New and Premium, All Providers and Meet Emma (Kanji) and an interview with Abe Natsumi keep appearing in the lesson section .

@MADARA - I tried this and the lesson doesn’t seem to appear in the Library when browsing normally after I open it. However, if I search for the specific lesson then it shows up. Are you using the search?

The Japanese content on LingQ has lots of duplicate lessons (sometimes a romaji version, a kana version, and a kanji version). If you study one of these lessons the other versions will still appear as new in the library. Perhaps this is the cause of your confusion?

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@okanoshita: There’s no confusion , exactly the same lessons appear in the Library .And no, I’m not using the search .

@M - is it showing new words (the blue square) or not?
@alex - it seems like the default config when i pull up the library is with beginner 1 checked. can this be changed to no boxes checked? Also, how can I show all the lessons that have 25% or less new words?

I agree with okanoshita. I originally had the same problem of having words I knew showing up as new again, simply because I’d marked them as known in a different script. Of course, when you encounter a ‘new’ word previously known, you may not remember which form you had learned it in previously.

I didn’t want to duplicate words, so I reset my stats, and only chose lessons which included all 3 scripts (hiragana, katakana & kanji) with no romaji, reducing the chances of learning 日本 for example and seeing its equivalent にほん in a different lesson highlighted as ‘new’.

I will add that there remains the problem of poor splitting of words/spaces in the Japanese and Chinese lessons, but they don’t bother me too much. This ‘splitting’ prob does occasionally cause a previously learned word to highlight as new in another lesson.

I solved the ‘splitting’ prob in my uploaded handtyped Chinese lessons by making sure I put a space (sometimes double space) between words, rather than individual characters. That works a treat.

Edit: I originally mistakenly wrote “…with no hiragana” instead of “with no romaji

@Wulfgar - The Library level settings are actually controlled by the Recommended Lessons level settings on the Learn page. If you change your preferences here then it will adjust the defaults in the Library.

There is a filter for New Words Percentage that appears when you click on “Show more filters” on the left.

@MADARA - OK, thanks for the additional information. I will add this to our list. We’ll let you know if we need anything further.

Your welcome .