Japanese conversation

Hi everyone. I’m Alex, from France, 21 yo.
I’d like to have some Japanese conversations. Native or not, it doesn’t really matter. I don’t know myself my Japanese level but I want to increase it. If someone can help me that will be nice, thanks.

Here is my Skype : alexinjapan67
& my mail : alexintokyo@live.fr


じゃ よかったら 僕に 連絡しください!xD

僕は ブラジル人ですが すこし 日本語で 話せる!


Skype: will-yujin

cool idea! I’ve only just started learning so can only say rudimentary things, for example about how the weather is good/bad and if you’d like some cofee. Hopefully in 1-2 years I can accept this challenge :slight_smile: