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I have posted on the Japanese language forum about the need for more beginner and easy content in Japanese. I am hoping we can get The Power of the Linguist done in Japanese. thanks to our members we now have versions either complete or started in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, and Italian. It would be great to have a German version too. Once we get properly into Asian languages we will need Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean, at least.

Any volunteers out there? We hope to be able to reward members with points for doing this. The points will come from points that members do not use within a 30 day period, and we will allow “tipping”. I will certainly tip anyone who provides me with content that I enjoy, whenever I download it. This is not in place yet, but I hope we can get started on content just the same.

I hope, also, that our English speaking members will be creating content for us in English, of whatever regional accent.

The idea of tipping is very interesting but the idea of using the unused points to reward content generators seems a little odd to me. Maybe it could be unfair, if in a month some people generate a lot of content and the users use almost all their points so content generators won’t be properly rewarded.
Maybe fixed rules would be much more stimulating. They could be based on length and usage, for example.

Yes, we will have to refine that system as we go. On the other hand, I think things will even out over time. What is really unfair is that there is more demand for certain language than for others. But we will see what we can do. Your input is always appreciated.

Hi. I can’t read the japanese text. what can I do? Selma.

Hi Selma. I’m a Japanese tutor Hitomi. Welcome to LingQ.
Will it be helpful if it is written in Romaji?
If so, there are quite a few contents in the Japanese Library.
take a look at “Categories” on your left hand side, go to “Beginner 1”
then you can see some contents in Romaji.
Also, some contents like “Eating Out” is available in other languages at LingQ,
so if you are not sure of meanings you can check it in your preferable language.
In a mean time, you are welcome to ask your questions about Japanese at “Ask Your Tutor”.
Good luck!

This content might be helful as well.
It is in the “Language” category.

Hiragana syllabary