I've deleted lessons at the course %)

I have not submitted writing for 3 first lesson of Helen’s course yet. I tried to write it, so I had empty drafts at my desk. But their titles were cut and I was not able to read the complete topics. So I decided to delete these drafts (not very good idea…). And I deleted them on my writings’ page… But linked lessons were deleted from the course page too!.. :frowning:

Hi Rasana,

Sounds like there are some unforeseen problems there. We’ll have to look into this after the weekend. I’ll get back to you on Monday.

In the meantime, you can take these lessons in your self-directed course and join the conversations individually if you have one upcoming. We’ll sort out all the points later.

I’ve checked my conversations list. The upcoming conversation event is here :slight_smile: So, the problem is not critical to me.

Hi Rasana,

Sorry, I forgot to get back to you here on the forum. The problem should have been fixed on the 30th of December and your course restored at that time.

Oh, yes! These lessons are restored. :slight_smile: Thank you very much! I did not notice their “comeback”, as now they are at the end of list, but it is not a problem.