I've been charged twice, and have not been upgraded

I tryed to upgrade to Basic and got the following message:
Your credit card has been declined. Please check your card details and try again. If your card continues to be declined, please contact your credit card provider.

Tryed again, same thing.
I checked with my credit card and found that I was indeed charged, twice.
So I tryed to add new Lingqs and couldn’t, my membership hasn’t been upgraded.

Hi Kegp,

It looks like your credit card was not charged and was rejected because the CSC code was incorrect (the 3 digit number on the back of the card). Can you please check your credit card details and make sure that 3 digit number is entered correctly? Let me know if it still doesn’t go through.

Kegp, I suppose if you look at the actual balance of your card and the available balance of you card you will see that these figures are not the same: actual balance ~ available balance + 2 * cost_of_Basic_LingQ_Membership. It means that this transactions have not yet been approved. Once them will be approved or disapproved, balances will become almost equal.