I've a problem with old-fashioned words

What can I do to remember old-fashioned words better? I mean I’ve been reading some Lovecraft’s stories and they contain a lot of the words, is it even possible to remember such a big amount of words that aren’t longer used? It becomes harder to recall’em later, especially if I haven’t read old novels or something for a while. Anyway, I’d be really happy to hear your opinion.

These words are just like any other word, the more you come across them, the more you’ll remember them, so it’s just a matter of exposing yourself to them regularly, by reading, watching movies etc.

The bigger trick is not remembering the words, but recognizing them as old-fashioned, understanding the co-notations of their usage, and then knowing exactly when to use them yourself. The only way to do that is through more exposure, practice, and ideally, immersion.

The truth is, this type of subtlety in a language doesn’t really come into play until you’re well beyond fluent, and won’t affect your everyday communications. You’d be shocked by the number of native speakers who don’t know or understand the very words you’re trying to learn yourself.

Wow, I thought that no one will answer my childish question. xD Thank you.