iTunes organization

I think it would be great if we could find some way to have the “artist” or “album” of anything downloaded to itunes from LingQ to say “LingQ”, so when I’m downloading a whole series of lessons, they would all be organized together on my ipod and in itunes. I also think it would be a good idea to have here on lingQ a “download all lessons in this series” button. That way I wouldn’t have to go through them all beforehand. What do you think? Are either of these feasible?

We have no ability to add metadata to audio files uploaded by our members so we can’t add that kind of information. However, if you are using iTunes, you are able to subscribe to a collection and to your My Lessons page through iTunes so that all lessons can be downloaded automatically. Just add the rss feed url into iTunes and the collections and/or My Lessons list of lessons will appear as podcasts.

Super! I didn’t know we can download My Lessons as podcasts. What a great time saver for getting all lessons onto an iPod.

@djc463 “I think it would be great if we could find some way to have the ‘artist’ or ‘album’ of anything downloaded to itunes from LingQ to say ‘LingQ’”

Remember, after you download lessons you can sort by date. After you sort by date, then you can edit the metadata (Get Info) for all downloaded lessons and change the artist to LingQ. And also note: when I download My Lessons, iTunes groups all the lessons and gives “My Lessons” as the album title.

@Mark: Technical question, of sorts. What gets passed to iTunes so that iTunes knows how to make My Lessons a podcast? Or in other words, do you know why this doesn’t work for Winamp for Windows 7 or RhythmBox for Ubuntu? (An iTunes hater, here - :slight_smile: )

On the My lesson shelve you find the RSS feed that you can add as a podcast to Winamp. I use Winamp for my podcasts too. And yes, I dislike iTunes (I cannot say that I hate it because I never use it).

I’ve recognized that there are only the last 20 lessons in the feed.

Ah, yes. Now I see where the RSS feed is. Thank you, Vera.

For any Ubuntu users, the RSS feed works with RhythmBox, too.

I have not tried using the RSS feed before.
I have now tried subscribing to Vera’s Nachrichten - kurz und einfach’ series using the RSS feed. Only NR#042 downloads, even after I have selected ‘show all available episodes’ in iTunes. What am I doing wrong?

I’m sorry, Rae. It only works if the provider of the podcast enables the collection for the RSS feed and for iTunes.

I don’t do this because the number of taken audios from iTunes or the RSS feed is not considered when LingQ calculates the number of taken lessons which is the base for the points that content providers get. As long as LingQ works this way I’ll not enable the RSS feed.

@Vera - As I have explained before, the rss feed is there for the convenience of downloading the audio files. Most people who download the audio and listen to it will be fairly motivated to then take the lesson from the Library so that they can read the text and create LingQs. Allowing people to subscribe to your collections may in fact lead to more people taking your lessons. However, it is entirely up to you whether or not you want to make your audio files available this way.

@rae68 - As an alternative to the collection RSS feed, you can subscribe to the RSS feed of the My Lessons page which will then allow you to subscribe and download all lessons you study. Keep in mind that often if you have many lessons to download, iTunes may just download the first one. You can adjust your settings to download all available episodes or you can manually download the lessons you want from the iTunes interface.