It's no longer offering to repair my streak, can I save my 55 days of Japanese?

I wanted to repair my 55 day Japanese streak but I didn’t have enough points, by the end of the lesson, I had the 5k needed to restart the streak but because I hit my daily goal it stopped asking me. Is the offer no longer on the table?


Whatever I’m not that worried about it, weird though, I don’t remember missing a day.

I’ve fixed your Japanese streak. You should still get popups to fix them manually, not sure why it didn’t happened in your case, I’ll check. Anyway, your streak is back.

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Hey @zoran sorry to bother you but could you repair my 83 day Russian streak? I don’t know why it ended. My 111 day Chinese streak also was ended even though I completed it.

Also my renewed yearly subscribtion for black friday seemingly didn’t go through because I never received a confirmation email.

@johnmiller I fixed your Russian streak. Your membership is set to renew on May 3rd, 2021. I checked your account and you did applied the Black Friday coupon successfully. You will get the discounted price on your renewal date (May 2021).

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@zoran thanks so much for checking all those things Zoran!

Could I trouble you for a Korean streak fix? I had an 80+ day Korean streak even though my graph shows 13 new lingqs created every day this last week.

@johnmiller Sure, I fixed your streak.

@zoran can you repair a 28 day Indonesian streak? ( graph said I had at least 13 new lingqs all week)

Sure, I’ve fixed it.

@zoran Hope you are well today. Would you please repair a Spanish streak. (Graph says I have 13 new lingqs created yesterday)

I understand your learning Spanish these days? Vamos!

I’ve fixed it. Yeah, I do hope to improve my Spanish and hope to spend more time on it this winter! :slight_smile:

Hey @zoran could you repair my cantonese streak? It said I had 13 lingqs created yesterday.

Sure, done.

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Could you restore my French streak? It said I had 20 new links created. @zoran

Happy New Year! Feliz año Nuevo! Срећна Нова година!

Done! :slight_smile: Срећна Нова година!

Just wondering if you could fix my streak? I didnt see a pop up yesterday

Sure @Jayk, it’s fixed.


one more on the cantonese streak please @zoran 15 lingqs yesterday

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