It's done. New content

I have just shared the last of 5 parts of the German translation of my submission to the Polyglot Project. The collection is called ‘Eine sehr widerstrebend lernende Frau’ and its link is

It’s hard work being a little old lady writer and I am now going to take to my armchair to have a rest.


Danke, Danke, Danke!
Super, Grossartig, Wunderschön!
Jetzt werde ich die Beiträge auf English anschauen.


Fantastic Sanne! thank you

Hi, Sanne

You are a native German speaker, aren’t you?
You betrayed yourself when writting, “To pull the sheet nicely taut und put his hand…”. Isn’t “und” the English “and” ?

Funny! Thank you, I’ve corrected it.

I’ve just realised that this thread is about another collection, in another language, but who cares: I corrected Letter no. 5, Letters from my little cottage in the English library.