Italian resources with audio

Hi, I’m currently trying to learn Italian and would like to find good material on the web to import into LingQ. I have imported a few newspaper articles and this is great but it would be useful to have an audio file so I can hear it and read it. I’m thinking mainly of more advanced material since I already have the basics covered with Assimil and the lessons on here.



I am not aware of (m)any podcasts with transcription in Italian, unfortunately. Have you studied the Assimil course for advanced learners too?

Alberto Italianoautomatico of YouTube provides free PDF and mp3 downloads for all of his advanced Italian lessons: Impara l'Italiano con Italiano Automatico - YouTube

~~All the lessons/readings are 100% Italian

That’s useful thanks. I’ll try importing some into LingQ.

I am only half way through the fist Assimil course so am focusing mainly on that but I think it’s probably good to expose myself to more advanced and therefore interesting content as well. Although perhaps doing that exclusively is a bad idea. I also have ‘Scienza in Cucina e l’Arte de mangiar bene’ to slog my way through.

80 Italian language videos with complete transcripts from RAI here:

Grazie mille

Thank you polyglot2, I have listened to two of them, and this is very useful for me!

I have imported many of these lessons and I’ve shared them on my wall.

It would be useful to know how I can see those lessons! If I click on your name, I can only see your last message, Buona Pasqua, and just below that you know 7000 Italian words.

@silviad Just keep scrolling down until you see a lesson. (click ‘see more’)

do they have anything interesting for advanced speakers?

sorry for my laziness but I figured that if you are already familiar with the site I could save some time by asking you first