Italian - Audio not matching transcript

I came across two lessons in which the audio does not match the transcript exactly. Under Italian Audio Gazette, the lesions are Il Caffè and L’espresso. Under L’espresso there seem to be almost a whole paragraph missing, some words are different.

Can this be fixed?

You might have to contact the provider who is responsible for the content. Good luck!

It’s a shame we, as paying customers, have to do the work to get something corrected. I love the method of LIngQ, but so far there have been too many glitches in the month I have been a paying member. I will attempt to contact the person who provided the content. If they cannot correct it, I will contact LingQ to request to remove it as it is no good as it is.

I tried to contact the provider but the contact info on the website is no longer valid, so they are probably not in business. Who do I contact at LingQ to have these lessons removed?

Well, you are in the right place, the Support Forum. They’ll be reacting tomorrow, I should think, but you can always send an email to Support directly, ie

As to the bit about providers being responsible, I think that is stated somewhere in the info about importing content. For minor things some of us have editing rights, so I can always correct the odd typo in various languages. Anything major, however, like re-recording or adding/cutting chunks of text is up to the provider.

As you say, if all else fails, Support can remove lessons that are questionable.

I have just noticed that the email address monster gobbled up what I had typed. Here it is again, spaced out: Support @ LingQ . com

But if the providers are no longer in business then the lessons should be removed. However, if they are going to be lessons for paying members, then they should be checked for accuracy before being posted by a LingQ staff member.

As we, the providers, get some benefit from posting our lessons, we really ought to make sure that they are up to scratch. I know that many of us are very particular about delivering accurate content.

It is where people simply upload any old material in order to gain points that the system can break down.

I have learnt over the years that a mistake here and there is nothing to worry about. There are typos in even the best of novels, I often find. In fact, the minute I start noticing typos etc in a FL text, I know I am making progress :slight_smile:

LingQ would have to employ a huge number of multi-lingual editors if every lesson were to undergo scrutiny before being posted. The resultant hike in subscription fees would be collosal, don’t you think?

(Although this is a very interesting thread, I am pulling the plug for today. It is way past my bedtime.)

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This isn’t a simple typo. A simple typo or a small mistake will not hinder my learning progress. But when I want to learn about coffee culture in Italy and there are large pieces missing or different words being dictated than in the transcript, I am not learning anything. I am a paying member and expect such.

Would you accept 3/4 of a sandwich after paying for a whole sandwich? No, I think not.

Both lessons are now moved to Private and I asked content provider to update the audio files/lesson text.
Thanks for letting us know.

You have to keep in mind that much of the content is uploaded by volunteers. While you pay to use Lingq the cost is trivial compared to the effort made many passionate language learners who upload enormous amounts of content. Move on to another lesson if something isn’t quite right. Part of learning language is reviewing lots of different material.

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Some users complained about audio files that don’t match with the transcripts. They sent me links of these lessons and after I opened them and listened to them I didn’t notice any mistakes. The audio files of the lessons I provide are controlled before being posted so It seems there is a problem with the system which doesn’t accept audio files titles which are to close to other one’s. I share around four lessons a day and I can’t waste my time to record again lessons that are correct to me.