It will be helpfull if the whole tekst is translated or make add-ons by other people active in your system

I am trying to learn portuguese. But find that the translations to my mother language dutch very poor. Also the translations to english are not always matching, but better. Therefor I switched the language. I find it very hard to use the text if only part of the words are translated. Can’t you make the program active learning and if someone can produce a whole translation, to be able to add it. This way it is easier to understand the whole content. This will make learning easier.

Welcome to LingQ! Only certain lessons on the site will contain full translations of the text. You are encouraged to look up words in the dictionary and save them as LingQs. These words will then appear yellow in your texts and you can review them just by clicking on them. I might recommend getting a bit more familiar with the methods that LingQ is based on. You can find out more here: Getting Started - Two Weeks at LingQ Academy.

If you have additional questions about how the site works, be sure to let us know.

@wandadutch - Keep in mind that if not many other members have been learning Portuguese from Dutch, you won’t find many Dutch hints for Portuguese. However, if you click “check dictionary”, you will be able to check Portuguese-Dutch dictionaries and create your own Dutch hints. These hints will then be available to all subsequent Dutch learners of Portuguese. There are more user hints visible in English since we have had more English speaking Portuguese learners but you can do a great service for all future Dutch Portuguese students by creating these hints!

Hi Wanda
I’m a Portuguese tutor, perhaps I can help with something. Check my lessons for beginners. I’m also trying to find really easy materials in Dutch, I’ve tried some, but I find them all too difficult for a complete beginner.