It seems I can accept my own conversation requests

Hey just an issue I thought I’d bring up. It seems that when I request a conversation time with a tutor, then appearing on my wall is the invitation with an option to accept or decline. In other words I can accept the invitation before my teacher even see’s the request. This caused me a bit of trouble today as I’d requested a conversation with my spanish teacher and then seeing something on my wall with the option of “accept/decline” i assumed that this was a request from my teacher, and so I clicked accept and points were deducted from my account, after it seemed my teacher didn’t show for the time i’d requested I went back to check the request on my wall, and it seems that what I clicked accept on, was actually the conversation request I had sent to my teacher by a mistake…in other words I accepted the request that she should have got. Obviously this has cost me some points.

@Corin_Wright - That certainly sounds like a bug! We’ll take a look at it and get it fixed. In the meantime, I have canceled that conversation so you should have your points back now.

cheers mark :slight_smile: