It is ________!

I think it will be funny to see how everybody uses different words. Please choose a word instantly (or in a simple sentence) after reading the following news.

The Huffington Post:
"Cuomo reveals that 73 individuals received bonuses of $1
million or more, with one recipient getting a bonus of more
than $6.4 million.

According to Bloomberg News, AIG has "also budgeted
$57 million in "retention" pay for employees who will be
dismissed, according to a March 2 filing to the Securities
and Exchange Commission."

(quote: Cuomo Reveals AIG Details: 73 Employees Got Multi-Million-Dollar Bonuses | HuffPost Impact)

At first, I thought that one million was the total amount of the money for those 73 people. However, one million is just the average amount of money that each lucky guy will receive. Frankly, if I was one of them, it would not be fair to cancel it, especially IF the specific amount of money was already written in the contract when I entered AIG. Maybe it will be a great topic for the EnglishLingQ podcast.

Your right on that. I always read my news on at least two different websites but try for three or four.