It is enough! Downgrade or delete my account

Is it possible for an admin downgrade or even delete my account here?

This makes the site more usable:

message of user virgilinojuca:

I tweaked with a userstyle to make the sidebar use more vertical space. I didn’t test it a lot yet, though.

It’s supposed to look something like this:

This is how, in my opinion, LingQ should have designed the new reading screen.

It can be installed by creating a userstyle with a browser extension such as Stylus, pasting the code available on the link below, and setting the style to apply to

The code:

User ColinJohnstonov also made an userstyle for another purpose and explains in his topic how to install it:

Now I published the userstyle in LingQ 5.0 more compact sidebar —

Thank you, but I do not want to pay anymore to use lingq after this update.

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I’m sorry you feel like you need to cancel. You’re obviously frustrated at having to relearn how to use LingQ and I understand how that can be. I suggest you just stay patient for another week or so while we digest feedback and refine things. Stay away from Firefox for now until we can figure out what is happening there.
The reality is updates and new versions are a necessity and there is no point updating if you don’t try to improve on what was there before. Car manufacturers don’t put out the same car year after year. Things must improve and move forward. Just give it some time to get used to and for us to adjust to feedback.


Just to bring balance to this thread. The first time I opened the updated app on IOS, it is no exaggeration to say I was dancing. I spend hours of my day using LingQ, I couldn’t be a bigger fan but the I had often thought “if only it did this or that”, this update is like the team had read my thoughts. Anyone who has experienced LingQ for a while on should be aware by now that an update can cause glitches and changes to stats but this is always repaired with the next one or when you ask one of the team, who always act quickly. The timing was also prefect for my starting with Catalan. Admittedly, I don’t use the website as much but have only found it to be better, both on my laptop and Mobil. Well done and thank you team. I’m not sure what I am now, if I was already a happy fan before.


I don’t think his problem is to relearn. Me for example: I learned in the first hour how to do all that i did before, no problem with that at all. The problem is that now i have to do much more clicks and scrolling to have the same result as before. Its a waste of time and energy, this is the problem.


I can not see what has been improved in this version. It is just a mess.
I tried for the fourth day, and it is upsetting the number of clicks you have to do to find the word’s meaning.
One time the translation is in one place, the other time in another area, I can not even concentrate on my reading because I have to figure out where the meaning will show.
If steve gives us a discount or pays for the week we lost with this update I can stay. Otherwise, you can delete my account.

Just use the sidebar button, it seems that you do not like the pop-up stuff.


I am actually not sure what you mean. I use the PC version on Chrome with the vocabulary side-bar constantly on (i.e. not the pop-up vocabulary widget) and marking lingqs as known or tagging them takes as many/few clicks as before (if there is a difference it is apparently so miniscule that I have not noticed it).


How? I don’t like the vocabulary pop up at all. If I could have the vocabulary pop up on the side as it did in the old version, then this update would be near perfect. I’ve checked all over after reading your post, and I see no way to get the vocabulary to appear on the side as it did in the old version. Having the text blocked when I click a word, and then having to click again to type a new definition is my only real gripe with the new version.

Edit: Oh my god, never mind. Yeah, the arrow on the top right. Okay, update is near perfect now.

Have you tried using the expanded sidebar? Click the arrow to expand it so it is fixed.